WhipHand – the upper hand; an advantageous or controlling position. In driving, the hand that controls the whip. 

Throughout history, whips – once used to control horses while “driving” from the stagecoach – have evolved into steering wheels and now even to refer to |usually expensive| cars. The term WhipHand relates to our business through the sense of letting customers take the experience into their own hands, mainly though the usage of our self-serve beer bank, pouring and tasting at will.  

American Brasserie is a take on the traditional French brasseries found across Europe. Unpretentious bars and restaurants that served simple food with hearty portions meant to be shared. A neighborhood spot where locals and visitors alike could gather and have delicious food served along side their many draft beers. The French word “brasserie” literally means brewery, but has adapted from their 19th century microbrewery origins to cover the many expanding upscale pub restaurants that boast its name. Our particular American Brasserie will be featuring 24 self-serve draft beer taps along with a full cocktail bar serving up some unique libations. At the root of our menu you’ll find classic American staples, but with each dish featuring its own distinctive twist that takes it from basic to exceptional. 

With the design of the space, we intend to let the industrial skeleton of the building shine through, though we ultimately seek to give the space a sleek, contemporary look. This mimics the change that we see occurring in San Diego’s East Village as a whole. Updating the neighborhood and elevating it to give the vibrant young professionals a comfortable, urban space to gather and enjoy good food, drink and company.